Carnal Redemption were formed in 2000, in Athens, Greece by Nondas, Nick and George R. In 2001 we released our demo “The Limits Of Persistence” which received very positive feedback by the underground death metal community worldwide. Obligatory military services put the band in ice for almost three years and the band became fully active again in 2005. During this period we recorded our “Cerebral Chaos” mcd but shortly after that, founding member George R. left the band for personal reasons and was replaced by George L. The band did several live shows but reasons irrelevant to music made it difficult for the band to rehearse frequently for almost five years . George L. left the band and was replaced by Jim on guitars in 2010. A two track promo was released in 2011 and was followed by many live shows in Greece with some of the finest local bands. We recently completed the recordings of our debut “Utter Depression” lp, the first official release in 8 years.

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